Roosevelt PTA is a collaborative effort!

We want to help find the best way, or ways, for you to make your personal contribution to the Roosevelt Community. It is possible for everyone to help support the PTA in its mission through contributions large or small, monetary or not. Together we can make a difference!

*A note about financial contributions: 

  • All monetary contributions to PTA fundraising events go directly into the PTA General Fund and are distributed throughout the budget categories to be used the following year. This ensures the allocation of funds is handled through a transparent democratic business process. At the end of each school year the budget categories are reviewed and any proposed changes must be approved through a vote.
  • There may be other fundraisers independent  of the PTA throughout the year working towards a specific cause. Examples of these may be, a 3rd grade class holding a bake sale to raise money to buy two additional ipads for their classroom or the 6th grade classes selling pizzas to earn money for MOSS (McCall Outdoor Science School).
  • If you want to make a contribution and have it go to a specific classroom, teacher, or purpose during the current school year it is suggested you make your contribution through The Boise Education Foundation.

Check out the Support Roosevelt menu items below to see how you can best contribute.