PTA Position Descriptions

The descriptions below serve as a general guide to help inform interested volunteers about PTA positions. There are fluctuations in the tasks and responsibilities from year to year. To learn the position in more detail we recommend you contact the current occupant in the position of interest. 

More than one person may occupy the same position. Positions are occupied one year at a time. The same person(s) can serve in the same position for a max. of two years according to PTA bylaws.

PTA Officers


The president’s function is to take primary responsibility for organizing and coordinating the PTA. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Communicates PTA news and event information to parents and staff throughout the school year.
  • Meets with outgoing and incoming officers in the summer to establish goals, discuss the yearly calendar, and set the budget for the upcoming school year. The incoming president will then add their name to the PTA account.
  • Works closely with the treasurer to pay bills (two signatures are required on all checks), secure insurance, and meet other important financial document deadlines throughout the year (a minimal time commitment).
  • Checks the PTA mailbox (at least once a week) in the office and informs any officer or committee chair of information that is pertinent to their position and/or upcoming events.
  • Attends kindergarten registration to introduce the PTA to incoming families.
  • Helps organize Back to School Night and is present to welcome and inform new families about the PTA as well as assist in Student Directory and Raider Wear sales with other officers.
  • Prepares the agenda for each monthly meeting, has copies on hand at each meeting, ensures it is saved in the PTA files. This includes checking with committee chairs, a week before each meeting, to see if they have informational updates to share or need help with any of their responsibilities.
  • Leads each monthly meeting (8 monthly PTA meetings during the school year). Assists in communications of relevant topics keeping the meeting organized, on task, and on time. Leads all votes but does not vote him/herself.
  • Meets with the principal and other PTA committee heads to discuss business as needed. Much of this can be done through email (it is a minimal time commitment).
  • Ensures thank you notes have been sent after events (helps with this task if needed).
  • Works with other officers near the end of the year to fill all PTA positions for the following year, ensuring incoming volunteers are well informed and welcomed.

Vice President: 

The responsibilities of this position have varied over the years. Before the new school year begins, the incoming president should clearly communicate what they expect from the vice president for the upcoming year, as they will be working closely together. Below are the minimum requirements of the position.

  • Helps with Back to School Night, including Student Directory and Spirit Wear sales, coordinating volunteers if needed, and promoting the event to kick off the year.
  • Presides over PTA meetings in the absence of the president and helps with the various presidential responsibilities as needed.
  • Attends monthly meetings and any additional officer meetings.
  • Serves as a co-signer on checks.
  • Helps with Thank You notes when needed.
  • Helps other officers fill all PTA positions for the upcoming year.


The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of all PTA proceedings.

  • Must attend all monthly PTA meetings.
  • Records all business discussed at each meeting and then reads the minutes at the next meeting to be voted on.
  • Minutes should include: name of association, date, place, time (start & finish), attendance count, a statement of minutes from previous meeting, the topics of discussion, all motions, and the names of the member who introduced and seconded the motion.
  • Motions also need to be noted as “approved” or “approved as corrected”.
  • Minutes need to be proof read by the president or vice president before being posted to the website. 
  • Minutes are emailed to the Website Manager to be posted on the PTA website within one week of each meeting.
  • (PTA Meeting Minutes should be kept indefinitely as they are the official record of the association.)


The Treasurer’s function is to receive funds and safeguard all PTA assets, make disbursements as authorized by the Executive Board, and maintain appropriate financial records. It is highly recommended that this person has extensive accounting or bookkeeping experience. (It is recommended this person submits to a background check to help ensure the safe handling of incoming PTA funds.)  

  • Works with the Executive Board to develop an annual PTA budget for the upcoming school year.
  • Attends all monthly meetings to report any budget activity. (Makes copies of the current budget available for meeting attendees.)
  • Works with the PTA President and Boise Public Schools Education Foundation to manage account balances and transfers.
  • Monitors monthly revenue, expenses, and cash flow for variances from budget amounts.
  • Maintains and reconciles checking, savings and Foundation accounts on a regular basis.
  • Experience with Excel, Quicken and online banking required.
  • Any questions can be directed to the current Treasurer.

(Executive Board: The executive board consists of the four PTA officers; President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.)

PTA Committees (Positions may be occupied by more than one person.)

Art Parent Coordinator: 

The Art Parent Coordinator secures volunteers for two separate art tasks and oversees their positions throughout the year, ensuring the art teacher has adequate help in each classroom and each classroom's Spring Fling art project is on track for the annual fundraiser. 
  • Begin the school year by securing volunteer(s) for each class: one volunteer who is willing to donate time to the classroom art experience and another who will organize and oversee a class art project for the school's annual fundraiser. (Occasionally one parent will volunteer for both these tasks.)
  • The goal is to get this done at Back-to-School Night. Confirm with the principal and teachers that they will have a volunteer signup sheet in their classroom during this event and these two positions will be included.
  • At the start of the year, also check with the Volunteer Coordinator to make sure they include Spring Fling Art Project Volunteer on the sheet they send home to gather volunteers for PTA related tasks and projects. 
  • Once the classroom Art Parent is secured they will coordinate with the art and classroom teacher.
  • Once the Spring Fling Art Project Volunteer is secured for each class you will make sure everyone stays on track to complete their project in time for Spring Fling. 
  • As the event nears, you will be in close communication with the Spring Fling Committee. Before the event you help display class art projects in the school lobby. The day before/of Spring Fling you coordinate the delivery of art projects and help with set-up and arrangement at the venue (Spring Fling is typically held on a Saturday in March or April).
  • If there is interest and time for a spring event involving art, the Art Parent Coordinator assists the art teacher in preparation and execution of the event.

Art Parents:

  • ClassroomEach classroom has an art parent to assist during art lessons (once a week or less). The Art Parent works closely with the art and classroom teacher. The Art Parent may also help organize and oversee a class art project for the annual Spring Fling fundraiser. This is a project that each student contributes to, which will then be auctioned off at our annual fundraiser. If the Art Parent does not want to oversee the Spring Fling project an additional volunteer will be secured for only this project.
  • Spring Fling Project: Each classroom makes a substantial art piece that includes work from each student to be auctioned off at the annual Spring Fling fundraiser. A volunteer is needed in each classroom to create and execute this project.

Box Top Collector:

  • Raises awareness about Boxtops: informational/collection table at Kindergarden Registration, periodic letters home, bulletin boards, & PTA website updates.
  • Creates 2-3 (as many or as few as you are comfortable with) school-wide competitions. These can be class competitions or the entire school competing as a team to meet a goal. Fun themes like Box Top Football & Valentine's Day are helpful. The Box Top website and Pinterest are helpful if you need ideas.
  • Creates bulletin boards showcasing the current competition and/or educating about how/why we collect Box Tops.
  • Collects Box Tops from each class as often as you feel is necessary. (Each class should already have a box to collect them that stays in the classroom. Check with teachers at the beginning of the year.)
  • Counts each group of collected Box Tops, checks expiration dates and throws out expired Box Tops, then bags them in groups (groups of 50 are common). Having more than one person to count is VERY helpful. This part can be time consuming. Posting the numbers (on the bulletin board) is helpful in motivating the kids. They love seeing the progress between classrooms.
  • Mail collected Box Tops prior to due dates listed on the Box Top Website. This is typically 2-3 times per year.
  • Gives prizes for competition winners: popcorn parties, pizza parties, small gifts to choose from or inexpensive themed gift bags, drawings for gift certificates to Roosevelt Market, ice cream sundae or root beer float parties. Depending on what you do, you will need to make time to prep and purchase as well as deliver and "host" the prize party.

Community Outreach Project: This is a new position as of 2013-14 and the description is in progress...

  • The goal of this committee is to "pay it forward" by providing a platform for Roosevelt children to raise awareness and make a personal contribution to a specific need, cause, or nonprofit. The 4 Kids, by Kids craft fair held after Thanksgiving break has proven to be a great event to do this. Student participants pick a nonprofit or other area of need to raise money for by making and selling a craft. The event was a huge success the first year and is expected to grow in future years.


The Roosevelt PTA Student Directory is a valuable resource to help Roosevelt families communicate with each other. Individual student contact information is provided by parents each school year, not the school, as it is against district policy to release any student information from their database. It is then compiled in a handy booklet which is then pre-sold/sold at Back-To-School Night and throughout the year. Sale prices cover printing and help raise money to assist the PTA in their mission. The layout depends on the person(s) who volunteers for this position and what resources they have access to. It is recommended the following information be included in the directory:
  • A disclaimer about the sole purpose of the directory (not for commercial/public use).
  • Roosevelt Elementary school staff contact information.
  • PTA Officer & Committee member contact information.
  • A school year calendar of events (from Principal) and the Roosevelt daily schedule.
  • Student contact information, listed by class (including the teacher's contact info.) and student's first name as younger students usually don't know last names.

Family Night:

This annual event is a free evening held at the school sponsored by PTA. It is an evening dedicated to bringing Roosevelt families together to help foster our school community. This fun event helps connect staff, students, parents, and siblings through a theme that changes each year. A simple dinner is provided and classrooms feature an activity that attendees rotate around to visit. Organizing this event is a great opportunity to be creative, teach something new, and share experiences with new people! Examples of themes include reading, games, hobbies, science, math, etc. It is usually held in November. Responsibilities include the following:
  • Assembling a committee to help with details, if needed (this can be done through the Volunteer Coordinator).
  • Choosing a theme and date with the Principal.
  • Promoting the event two weeks prior.
  • Coordinating room events with teachers.
  • Lining up volunteers to help with the event or using the Volunteer Coordinator to assist with this.
  • Cleanup the evening of and thank you notes to any outside guests or resources that were used during the event.

Monster Mash (Harvest Night):

This event is typically held the Friday of Halloween week. This committee coordinates with the principal, as the funds raised by this event go directly into the principal's fund (for her discretionary spending), not the PTA budget. These are a few of the responsibilities:

  • Promotes event and sends home notice of dance with option to prepay admission and order pizza. (Min. of 2 weeks ahead.)
  • Secure a DJ.
  • Reserve slushy machine.
  • Secure a photographer.
  • Organize volunteers to work at the dance and to make treats that will be sold (this can also be done through the Volunteer Coordinator).
  • Set up and decorate the day of the dance.
  • Clean up.
  • Send thank you notes.


This involves hosting luncheons for Roosevelt staff during in-service days, parent teacher conference days, as well as treats for one or two other school functions such as Kindergarten registration or Back-To-School Night. Shortly before the school year begins you should touch base with the principal to find out when you will be needed throughout the year. A theme is sometimes chosen and then decorations, lunch, drinks and dessert are coordinated by the committee. Some meals are catered, other times we have parents contribute, and sometimes they are prepared by the committee using funds from the PTA budget. Meals/treats are not a requirement. In the past there have been masseuses, which was a big hit. There is budget management responsibility required. This is a fun and easy way to get started with Roosevelt PTA!

Outdoor Classroom:

  • Weeding the outdoor classroom, prune and rake pine needles in the fall.  
  • Keep birdseed in bird feeder.
  • Checking battery status of sprinklers and set sprinklers. May need to adjust and monitor through the season. There is a manual.
  • Implement other phases of Roosevelt vegetable garden and creative play area.  
  • May continue "wild after school".

Read-A-Thon: This is a new position as of 2012-13 and the description is in development. If you are interested in this position you may contact Amy Salber, Tamara Thompson, or Emily Erickson. They have all volunteered in this position.

Room Parent: This position is filled via each classroom teacher at Back-To-School Night and responsibilities vary accordingly. Please see your child's teacher if you are interested in being a Room Parent.

  • Coordinates all classroom parties (typically 3-30min parties), social activities, and may be requested to assist with field trips.
  • Organizes the collection and assembly of a class basket to be auctioned off at the Annual Spring Fling fundraiser (if baskets are to be included in the annual event)
  • May work with the yearbook committee to ensure each child in the class has a photograph in the yearbook and each photograph is accurately labeled.
  • Other tasks may be included in this position depending on the teacher. 

Spring Fling:

This annual fundraiser has evolved a lot over the years! It used to be a student art sale held in the school gym and generated roughly 10k. Around 2007 the event went off campus and became an adults only event instantly doubling its revenue. Over the years, through the ups and downs of the economy and district cutbacks, dedicated parents -with the help of many- have continued to put together this great event. In 2014 the event raised over $65K. 

The following four groups of items have played a huge part in the financial success of the auction portion of this event and have done consistently very well over the years; class art projects, services (exercise classes, teeth whitening, landscaping, you name it), parties (poker night, ladies night, "Taco & Margarita Night", etc.), and special school perks (reserved parking spot, reserved front row performance seats, Principal for the day, etc).

Past Spring Fling Coordinators recommend this PTA position be occupied by more than one person. This event can be taken in any direction depending on the coordinator's vision. An evening auction of fine wine and Roosevelt art, a check writing night at the park with a taco truck and margaritas, you name it.

NOTE: The PTA purchased an auction program which has proven invaluable for keeping track of auction items and donors. It also produces a brochure in several formats as well as keeping track of attendees, ticket sales, and assigns bid numbers. This program helps tremendously on the night of the event by printing out invoices as info is input into the system. Last minute attendees can also be added and assigned a bid number the night of the event.

Teacher Liaison:

Having two staff members attend every PTA meeting, the Principal and a teacher liaison, is invaluable to the PTA and its mission. Communication is increased and ideas are taken and shared with other teachers and staff      at their school meetings. In years past one teacher has been the liaison all year. Starting in 2014/15 teachers will take turns attending PTA meetings.

Volunteer Coordinator:

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for soliciting parent volunteers for all necessary functions throughout the academic school year. They match up volunteers with the desired positions they want to contribute to. The Volunteer Coordinator then communicates with classroom teachers, function chairpersons/organizers, administration, or other Roosevelt staff members to make sure all volunteer positions are filled. This person serves as a resource to others working on Roosevelt projects or events throughout the school year. A list of volunteers is gathered and organized via a form that is sent home at the beginning of the year. On the form volunteers can specify what/where they are most interested in helping out. Collecting and organizing the volunteer information at the beginning of the year is the largest time commitment for this position.

Web Management:

It would be helpful if this person had some knowledge of Google Sites and Documents, as the PTA website is a Google Site. When the site was designed in 2012, the template was chosen because it was the simplest and most user friendly on the market at the time.  That being said, the average technology user could learn to post updates to the site fairly quickly. The main responsibilities of this position include:

  • Posting Meeting Minutes within a week of each PTA meeting (once they have been proof read by the Pres. or Vice Pres.).
  • Immediately following up the post with a Tweet letting people know the Meeting Minutes have been posted and there is new info. on the site.
  • Updating PTA News & Upcoming Event Dates on the side bar. This includes any major PTA events and the dates of upcoming PTA meetings.
  • Posting Thank You Notes... on the front page.
  • Possibly updating content and/or adding new content. This should be done once monthly when the meeting minutes are posted. Content changes are presented at PTA meetings and a vote is held for approval.
  • Posting the annual budget once yearly.


The company the school uses for school/class pictures usually has a software program and support that can be utilized to help assemble the yearbook. The most time consuming part is getting pictures together for the "collage" pages and those are optional. It is recommended you have a grade level representative and/or the Room Parent in each classroom to help ensure every child is included and properly identified in the yearbook. (6th grade students are typically available to help photograph. Talk to the Principal to set this up.) Be sure an extra yearbook is ordered for the school library. For more information, contact the current Yearbook Committee.